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This is probably my favorite collection of my songs. By the time I recorded these songs, I had really grown as a songwriter and felt like I was finally feeling true to myself in my writing. My songwriting prior to this record was me trying to fit into the Nashville mold, which I don't think I ever really managed to fit in anyway, ha. 


The title track, A Little Bit Of You, was featured in the soap opera, Venice in 2010. Pretty cool. 


This is a re-packaged and re-printed version of the original release. Full quality, less packaging.


1. California

2. Do It Again

3. Lucky Girl

5. Chasing Rainbows

6. Everywhere I Go

7. Seattle's Rain

8. Nine To Nine

9. If I'm Gonna Do It

10. Hard Headed Woman

11. Nothin' Left To Give

12. A Little Bit Of You

13. You Make Me Wanna Cry



A Little Bit Of You (Cd)

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$13.99Sale Price
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