Music is my therapy. I write it. I play it. I listen to it as a fan, and as a creator. There has never been a greater communicator for me, than music. These guitars are a visual creation of what my songs are. Modeled after my custom made Pawless guitar (Jack Wayne, named after my father), this guitar has been a top seller at shows.


I'm offering this one, or one like it, for online orders as per the request of so many. I will be adding more guitars as I make them, and of course, I do custom orders where you pick the color scheme. Shipping is extra, and although there is an estimated shipping cost in the purchase, I will contact you if the actual shipping differs from what is originally charged. If there is an overcharge, I will refund the difference. 


If you would like a guitar custom made for you, please email me at jessilynnfriends (at) gmail (dot) com or DM me via IG or FB. Rock on, friend... rock on.

Music to my Soul