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November 18, 2021 What's New.

Man I used to love sending out long letters with all of my thoughts and hopes and stories from the road to my email list.  If you were around back then, maybe you remember. All of that came to a screeching hault about 8 years ago when life kind of took a wrong turn. We don't need to get into all the why's and what happened's.... just know that I survived it, and back in April I released my story in a twelve song collection that tell the story of the last 8 years and how I ended up leaving Nashville, and moving to the sunniest state of them all... Arizona. The sky is different here... bigger... brighter... and I swear, we have more stars than any sky I've seen before.

I spent three years working on this record, the most honest and raw album of my career. It was a painful process to complete, but when you hear it... you'll hear why it was worth that struggle. I set out to record these songs in a way that captured the energy that you experience when coming to a live show, the partnership of musicians making music together, and what I thought all of my previous records lacked. I hoped this would also make the process more affordable, which I can tell you now... was not the case. It ended up being the most I'd ever invested in a record, even having to sell many of my personal belongings to pay for. What we do for our art... eek... haha...


Because I had been out of the scene for eight years, I don't think I realized that people no longer buy music. They stream music. Yikes. Really wish I'd of done some research on that before I invested so much. But, it is what it is and the music and production is absolutely incredible. The songs are the best I have ever written, and my bandmates helped breathe life into these songs. I am very proud of this record, and my band... Dain, Brad and Jim, who worked endlessly on their parts and their input on the direction of each song. And to be honest, this will likely be the last project I ever release of this magnitude. Unless I magically become a millionaire, which I guess is possible. My motto of Dream Bigger still applies, after all these years.

If you would like to hear the record in full, you can hear it on my YouTube channel (Jessi Lynn Junkies). It is not out on Spotify or Apple Music, or any other streaming site just yet. I'm holding out... hoping people will want to purchase a copy from my website, so I can maybe buy a chair for my living room. haha. Buying directly from an artist is the best thing you could ever do to support them. Not just me, but all indie artists.


You can download the record (or buy a signed hard copy Cd) from my newly designed website:


There is also an opportunity for you to join my Patreon Club at a discount right now, $10 gets you in (Until Dec 1st). This is a private club where I release music continually for members, and offer other rewards. It is an exclusive back stage pass... the shotgun seat. It's a community of people who want to support my art and the ability to keep creating. I am currently working on an acoustic record, that will be released exclusively for Patreon Members.


Wanna check out The Club? Click here.


If you aren't already on my Music Page on Facebook, head over to Jessi Lynn Junkies and hang out with me there every week while I play free online shows. I play old songs, new songs, tell stories and we all laugh and cut up from all over the world. Covid removed the live in-person shows, so we moved with the times, and set up shop on FB. Be sure that you have your settings to be notified when I go live, FB likes to hide artist pages unless we pay for advertising.


That's all for now. Hard to sum up eight silent years in one email, so I will end it here by saying thank you... thank you to those of you who have stuck with me all these years (even without email), and those who support me and my family through Patreon, tipping during online shows, buying merch from my website, and for those who have recently donated to my GoFundMe to help with medical bills that I unexpectedly had, as well as my road dog, Joey who's health turned quickly. I couldn't do this without your support, and I hope you know how grateful I am for you.


If you made it this far in the blog, also thank you. haha.... and... there's a sale going on for the new record, and RISE Merch. Check it out when you can.


Much love,


Reach Higher. Dig Deeper. Go Further. Dream Bigger.       Jessi Lynn, LLC     copyright 2020

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