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Patreon is the backstage pass for those who want the up close and personal experience. It's an online community built by us, for us. Members get access to exclusive material, downloads, videos, blogs, art, discounts for merch and other rewards that are given out periodically. 

Your monthly subscription goes to support the continual growth and release of new material and allowing Jessi the room to create. 

The more supporters, the more music and art will be produced and released. It does take a team to make the dream happen, and your support is as valuable as the voice and the guitar of Jessi Lynn. 

From Jessi:

As an artist, there are many ups and downs - seasons of creativity that overflow, and then there are seasons that are dry and desolate. This is the reality of being an artist. In a world where value is based on productivity and hustling until there is nothing left of you by ash and regret... being an artist is getting more and more difficult. Social media demands daily activity, and thirty second attention spans. It pushes lip syncing, filtered faces, and content just for contents sake. I will admit that I absolutely get caught up in that, and I know that is also where I get very very lost and my spirit sinks. I lose my art. I lose my creativity. I start to hustle and cram and "showcase" just to stay current with the world and the demands of social media. Patreon is where I slow down, refocus and... create. 

I am so thankful for those of you who have agreed to go on this journey with me. Through the ups and downs, the dry spells and the overflow. I am grateful for your support and encouragement that the reminder that the world doesn't have to work on a thirty second reel. 

I create because it's who I am, I share who I am with those who stick around to get to know me. Thank you for being here with me.



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