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Have you ever wanted to have a song written for you? Or would you like to have a song written for someone you love? I'd love to help you accomplish this!


Have me write a custom song for:

A partner (love song)

A parent

A friend

A sibling

A child

A retirement

An engagement

A wedding or other special event

Maybe you have an old poem you hoped to have made into a song 

The possibilities are endless


Please send me an email to discuss if you have any questions before ordering or if you have a deadline for the song:  

jessilynnfriends (at) or if through any of my social media accounts that you may follow me on. 


If you'd like to go ahead and purchase, do that here. Once I get the order, I will reach out to you for all the details I will need to get your song written, recorded and sent to you. 


You will receive: 

A custom written song (you are allowed two edits)

An acoustic recording of your song (sent via email)

Handwritten lyrics sent to your mailbox


There is also an upgrade option for me to schedule a zoom call with you and your recipient for a live performance of the song and discussion of how the song came about. I will record this zoom and send you the link to it to share with whomever you choose. This is an additional $50 charge. Please let me know if you'd like to schedule that. 


Legal stuff:

Jessi Lynn retains all rights to the song. You may use it for whatever you want, share it, post it, send it, etc. But all copyrights are the property of Jessi Lynn. 

Custom Song

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