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Get caught up on JL's music with four of her Cd's with a discounted price! 


Just Me & My Guitar

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Like This

A Little Bit Of You



Just Me & My Guitar: This is the record I cut after first moving to Nashville and getting beat up real good by the industry "reality". It is the story of Nashville for me... and when I changed my path from being a big famous star.... to falling in love with writing songs that matter and wanting to pursue a life and career as a songwriter. I also inadvertently rolled around in poison ivy for the photo shoot... and when you hear me sing "Take Me With You" on this record, the sadness you hear comes directly from the pain of poison ivy. haha. I was nominated for a few Grammy's for this one. 


You Aint Seen Nothin' Like This: This record was a big one for me. I was trying to figure out how to be the artist and the songwriter, figuring out my place in the world, and in the music industry. I won a bunch of awards for this one, and some Grammy Nom's on this record as well. It's my best selling record to date, and the one that took me from a dreamer, to a full time touring musician.


Detour: This record was not meant to be a record, but more of a recorded rehearsal with my band in Austin, TX. I love the record, the vibe and the fact that we played each song twice... picked the best version and put it on a record. Very different sounding than the original recordings of these songs, and includes a few brand new songs. 


A Little Bit Of You: This record is probably my favorite record to date. It's where I really got to showcase my songwriting. I recorded it along with a friend, in hotel rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and empty apartments we were squatting in. I am most proud of this one because I realized that I was capable of far more than I ever realized. I had two songs features on Venice, the soap opera and gained a ton of new fans because of it. 

I'd love for you to have copies of these records, if you don't already. Each one will come signed to you... along with a signed 8x10. 


Thank you for listening... for encouraging me all these years... and for supporting a girl who knows nothing else better than she knows how to dream bigger. 



4 Autographed Cd Combo Pack

$60.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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