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I played Texas enough to where I started playing with a couple musician friends when I was in Austin. It was a fun group, light hearted and casual... I loved the groove we had together, but with my touring schedule we struggled to get rehearsals in. So, I thought it would be fun to go into the studio and record the songs we played together, one time through and just let the tape roll. Then we could listen to the recordings and have a baseline of how we play our set for our shows in between rehearsals. Of course, I decided to have the recording polished up a bit and released it for fans to hear a live rehearsal. It polished up well enough to not sound at all like a rehearsal... but it is just us, one time through, very few edits and in real time. I hope you dig it.


This is a re-packaged and re-printed version of the original release. Full quality, less packaging.




1. Any Random Tuesday

2. This Road I'm On

3. Perfect

4. I Don't Go There

5. California

6. Everywhere I Go

7. That Night

8. Damn 

9. Seattle's Rain 

10. Someday Soon

11. I Know How You Feel

12. Hard Headed Woman

13. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Like This



Detour Cd

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