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This is the 60 minute, digital download of the new record, Watch Me Rise. It will be sent to you via email in a zip file. 


Please be sure you check the email linked to your Payment method as that is where it will be sent. 

If you have any trouble, please send me an email directly: jessilynnjunkies @


About the record:


This record is a collection of twelve original songs, recorded with my band in Madison, WI over the course of three years. It has been a labor of love and has required more sweat, blood, tears, doubts, fear and faith than any other project I've put out.


Many of these songs were written years ago, and some were even written in the midst of the recording and were added during the process. In the writing, you hear the struggle of my own personal relationships both romantic, and with myself. This is the journey of me growing up and learning to love myself.


There's a full 60 minutes of music on this record, which is almost unheard of. It is meant to be a collection of stories, not songs released as singles or one-offs. I know music has changed so much and singles are the new rage, but I am a believer in the story that a record tells. I'm determined to keep the integrity of my records and sell them as such collections. I will not be releasing this record on any streaming platforms, it will be exclusive to my personal website. Thank you for your support in the success of an independent artist doing her way... putting out music she believes in and hopes will land where it's meant to.


1. Accidentally

2. Every Time

3. Why Are You Still Here

4. Geting Over You

5. Luckiest Girl

6. She's A Mystery

7. I Know You

8. Get Out of My Way

9. Dance In The Rain

10. Here I Go Again

11. On My Way

12. Rise


Watch Me Rise (Download)

$15.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price
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