I walked into a recording studio with a backpack full of songs and ten thousand dollars to spend. I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to sing and I wanted my songs recorded. I had big plans to move to Nashville and I knew I needed a record to showcase myself as an artist. Looking back, I see how I did things all kinds of wrong, but I am grateful for the journey of which has led me to where I am. The songs are young... you can hear my amatuer lines and melodies throughout this record, but it is where I started as a songwriter. The studio is no longer in business, but I have remained in touch with most of the guys I worked with on this record. 


It's been out of print for more than ten years, but I do get requests for it now and again... all I have are digital files to offer those of you who want to dig deep into my songwriting past and hear where I started. I hope you enjoy the ride. 


1. Honey, It's you

2. Crazy Mary

3. Money Back

4. My Love

5. I Think You're Perfect

6. Still

7. All I Want

8. Dance In The Rain

9. Glory Days

10. Remember Me

Remember Me (digital download of debut record)


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