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This record is my top seller and my most requested songs come from this record. I won Album of The Year in 2005 at the MAMA's, and ultimately it led to a lot of doors opening for me in my career and put me on the map. I'm very thankful for these songs as I sit here today knowing that it was a turning point in my career in music. 


This is a re-designed and packaged print of the original release. Full quality, less packaging.  Be sure you don't already own this record before ordering (different packaging from original).


1. You Aint Seen Nothin Like This

2. Someday Soon

3. Ain't That Just My Luck

4. Anywhere, But Here

5. Easier Said Than Done

6. I Know How You Feel

7. Hello Misery

8. When You Open Your Eyes

9. Hallelujah

10. It's You (Featured in the soap opera, Venice, in 2011)

11. That's Alright With Me

12. New Tattoo



You Ain't Seen Nothin' Like This (Cd)

$18.99 Regular Price
$13.99Sale Price
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